“Thanks so much for giving your positive energy.”

“You clearly have such a gift and I felt truly lucky to share in that with you.”

“…really appreciate your expertise and guidance…”

“…suggestions were helpful and practical…” 

“ …approach was grounded in wisdom and empathy towards us…”

“ …an unbelievably restorative class with Tina. She is amazing…for our monthly sessions…”

“Tina is great!”


To keep yourself running on full, take 15! Get up, go out of your office or the home/place in which you work or are giving care to another. If you can go outdoors by all means GO! Leave thoughts of everything and your phone behind; find a comfortable place to sit, stand or recline. Begin taking some mindful breaths staying focused on the inhale and exhale of each moment. Then, as you continue to breath, allow your mind take you to a place you’ve been before or a place you imagine in your mind as long as it’s comforting and peaceful. Involve all of your senses…sight, sound, smell, etc. Be sure to focus on staying in the moment, bringing yourself back to this place in your head by clicking your heels three times (okay, I’m kidding) and repeating (not kidding) right here, right now OR fully present, in this moment as you inhale and exhale. Stay with it and when you’re ready, slowly return to your office or home base. Once there, before getting back to the rest of the day, sit still and take a few more breaths. Practice this exercise with a timer until your body is able to sense how much time has passed. The idea is to be able to spend The Selfish 15 mindfully with limited distractions.