At mindful to a T., I look at mindfulness through an eclectic eye! As a holistic health practitioner/consultant, accomplished artist, author, and a professional speaker/workshop creator and facilitator, I use my training in mindfulness/mind body medicine, the healing arts, and communications along with life experiences to develop and facilitate unique programs, retreats, and workshops that help participants live life more, live life well, live better together through respectful coexistence, and live life anew via self care.

Sample Workshops -

Against the Current is an interactive, mindful exploration of who we are, how we live, & what we need to thrive personally and professionally.

heARTbalms™ is a highly interactive workshop that fuses the creation of art with mindfulness practices to explore how we relate to each other and f foster constructive, healthy exchanges between participants about diversity. Discussions prompted by the creative and mindful processes will open up the dialog to address the topics of unconscious bias, inclusion and coexistence.

Mindful Listening: If mindfulness is being fully present in the moment without judgement or trying to change anything, then mindful listening is being fully present in the moment to connect with someone as they speak in order to hear what is being said without judgement or interruption. This highly interactive and energized session that includes guidance in incorporating mindfulness into a daily routine is great for team building or to help individuals interested in forming better bonds with people on either a professional or personal basis.

Minding You - Caring for the Caregiver: Those serving as caregivers are focused on the wellness of others, often sacrificing their own well-being in the process; you can't pour from an empty cup! This workshop not only helps caregivers develop a plan of effective self-practices to cope with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual stresses associated with caregiving, it also brings a catharsis through supportive self expression. Minding You is targeted for healthcare providers and those caring for loved ones at bedside or hospice care, or whose loved ones are dealing with life altering health issues. Minding You is delivered as either one-on-one sessions or in a group setting. 

After Care, After Caring®:  This workshop, also offered as a one-on-one session, is an emotional and spiritual cocoon for the caregiver to step into after those cared for have passed on. Self (and group) care and comfort are emphasized as participants are guided through the development and practice of a plan to support them through the grieving process.

Private clients are guided through an integrative practice 1) specific and complementary to their medical treatment plan or diagnosis; 2) to assist with pain management, and/or; 3) for daily wellness after a medical treatment plan is completed. Individualized programs and one-on-one self practices for those caring for loved ones at bedside or in hospice care or whose loved ones are dealing with life altering health issues are offered; I also serve as a pre- and post-surgical coach to help individuals prepare for surgery.